Plan your Gatsby inspired wedding in Italy

May 21, 2013

A Glamorous Gatsby wedding in Italy: take inspiration from the roaring ’20s for a decadent Art Deco theme

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Director Baz Lurhmann’s new rendition of Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby had stylish wedding seekers plan for a Great Gatsby wedding starting last year on to 2013-2014. A good look at the book, one at the 1974 movie starring Robert Redford, and the ultimate all out party with Leonardo di Caprio are indeed a good source of inspiration for any party worthy of the name.

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If you fell for the spell, you are already imagining yourself in a flapper dress with sparkles and jewels sipping a Mint Julep cocktail until the wee hours. it’s no wonder that The Great Gatsby became a great source of inspiration as a theme wedding, after all what was Gatsby known for if not for planning the greatest parties of all times just to attract the attention of his one enduring love?

It has all of the ingredients, it’s desperately romantic, strictly glamorous, and a hymn to enjoyment. The 20s are a great source for the perfect setting, the art deco theme, pace feathers, beading, flutes and endless bottles of Champagne. The look is irresistible, and head pieces are a must as much as the Jazz Age music and crazy Charleston.

Photo credit: Misty Miotto Photography via
Photo credit: Misty Miotto Photography via
Photo credit: Misty Miotto Photography via

Don’t think you have to fly yourselves over to America to bring it to the next level. If your dream is to get married in Italy, nothing stops you from having a Great Gatsby theme wedding in Italy. Bring on the atmosphere and the perfect location will present itself from South to North.

Milan has great venues to offer from La posteria to L’Osteria del Treno with its Art Deco stairs and 20s parquet floor to dance until the morning. Ideal sets for pictures and a vintage flair in one of Italy’s most fashionable cities!

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