Wedding Venues in Sicily, Italy

Wedding Venues in Italy:
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Sicily is just a fascinating mix of Italian culture with exotic influences, it is a place full of art, history, folklore and archeology. Discover it!

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Dimora delle Balze

Dimora delle Balze, an age-old estate tracing its roots to the 1800s, graces the scenic province of Noto in Sicily's Syracuse region. What once served as a humble farmhouse and serene summer retreat has now been transformed into a timeless sanctuary that epitomises the very essence of Sicilian beauty and charm. A wedding here is sure to imbue a sense of tranquillity and nostalgia.
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Commenda San Calogero

Lush orange and olive groves, alongside a historic cave once used as a sanctuary during Roman times, grace the grounds of this beautifully restored farmhouse. It exudes authentic Sicilian charm. Positioned north of Siracusa and offering views of Mount Etna, the property has been thoughtfully designed with precise attention to detail, seamlessly blending classic appeal with contemporary comforts.

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