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Full service planning

Let us immerse you and your guests in the elegant wedding experience only Italy can provide. Our clients begin their celebration of marriage by receiving an unparalleled approach to wedding planning by the highly acclaimed Italian Wedding + Events. With Andrea by your side, your wedding will be dripping with authenticity and world-class charm every step of the way.

We are the best event planning services in Italyto start your event planning journey, that sets your mind at ease and ensures your highest expectations (and budgets) are met. Our discerning international clientele are couples seeking bespoke wedding celebrations involving events over various days and often requiring the coordination of your guests travel and luxury concierge services.

Whether you want a celebration that wraps Italy into every touch point or an event that honors your deepest family traditions, Andrea transforms each detail and brings to life thoughtful experiences that are unique to you.

Your experience is top-notch from start to finish

We exclusively offer full-service destination wedding planning services in Italy. It’s with this specialty that we produce only the highest caliber of events with budgets to match. We do have a minimum requirement for the overall wedding budget and destination planning services.

Are you interested in hiring us for an event outside of Italy? We love to infuse Italian design in the Mediterranean and worldwide too.

Here is just a taste of the services we provide:

  • • Initial Consultation
  • • Marriage Legal Requirements
  • • Venue Selection and Site Visits
  • • Premium Vendor Selections such as Floral designers, Cake designers, Live bands, Dj set etc
  • • Catering service and Michelin awarded chefs
  • • Styling and Design
  • • Travel Accommodations
  • • Event Coordination
  • • Budget Management
  • • Rehearsal Execution
  • • Guest Gifting
  • • Timeline Coordination
  • • Hospitality and concierge
And much more!

If you’re ready to marry your refined class with an unforgettable wedding experience, let’s meet!

Whether you’re planning a special birthday celebration or a anniversary soiree,

Social Event Experience
full service planning

let us immerse you and your guests in the Italian culture. We offer full service destination and travel planning for any of your social event needs.

From arrival to departure our team will guide you through Italy with a five-star experience from start to finish. Our social events can span over one day or up to 7 with parties and receptions sprinkled throughout your celebration.

Your event can be customized with anything from treasured travel excursions, live performances from top artists, to intimate dinners under candlelight with Michelin awarded chefs.

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind event....

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