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Our Expertise In Italy's Most Beautiful And Desired Destinations Is Unmatched

A Luxury Experience From Start to Finish

Our team resides in Italy and the Mediterranean’s most sought-after locales and we’ve been providing access to the finest vendors and the most breathtaking venues that Italy has to offer for 16 years.

Expect not just an out-of-this-world wedding, but a beautiful experience from beginning to end.

“The stars truly must have aligned for us to meet. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky that someone like you planned the single most magical and beautiful day of my life.”
Heidi Chung
Established by me, Andrea Naar Alba and supported by my team of five energetic multilingual planners. We collectively uphold the belief that the true essence of a beautiful luxury destination wedding is found in the intangible moments of care and excitement. The ones which enrich your experience and make you feel like anything is possible.
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Under my direction, alongside Veronica and Sabrina, the unstoppable forces who make the impossible possible, Beatrice, the radiant beam of positivity, Arianna, the perfectionist, and Giulia, the youthful spirit infusing fresh perspectives into every event. We stand as an unrivalled team of planners, setting the gold standard for service with joy at every turn.

Each of us brings a unique touch to the planning process, crafting a first-class experience that cradles you in care. Because beauty is not just in form but in the feelings it evokes.

Our signature philosophy revolves around embracing opportunities with a resounding, ‘yes’! Tempered always by a commitment to complete honesty. We are led by your vision and as true experts in our field, we remain transparent from the very beginning to ensure that your dreams come to fruition. To our wonderful clients, who we consider our close friends, we pledge a rare level of dedication and devotion which will leave you speechless.

Hi, I'm Andrea

Founder of Italian Weddings & Events

Recognised among the elite, ranked in the top 100 planners worldwide by DWP Congress, and esteemed as one of the top 5 wedding planners in Lake Como by Wezoree, I’m also honoured to be named among the 20 best wedding planners in Europe by The Wed and Wedding Vibes.

Yet, these accolades still feel surreal because what led me here feels deeply ingrained in who I am. With a genuine love for Italy’s romantic allure and a profound ability to connect with people, I understand what couples seek for their perfect Italian wedding day.

So if you’re wondering, here’s where it all began.

I began my wedding planning career in 2008 in the cosmopolitan city of Milan. Here, I uncovered Italy’s hidden gems and discovered the most stunning wedding locations and venues – secrets that are among the most beautiful on Earth.

Following the company’s relocation to London, I embraced the change and decided to transition along with it. From there, I founded Italian Weddings and Events, operating from our UK-based headquarters.

While the company is based in the vibrant city of London, which serves as a wellspring of inspiration, the core of our company thrives in Italy, where our team is stationed. This unique dynamic has me leading a life spread across three corners of Europe: London, the hub of our company’s DNA; Italy, our essence and workspace; and Switzerland, a serene haven where my husband, Isabel, and I have made our home.

I’ve been privileged to share insights at esteemed international conferences such as Engage!, Karen Tran – The Floral Experience, TTG Tourism Show, and Wedding Fest. And in 2016, I established Italy Inspires, a platform dedicated to showcasing the finest aspects of Italy to the global wedding industry community

My extensive knowledge and passion for Italy continues to guide me on this exciting journey. As I create highly exclusive and personal weddings for discerning couples across the globe. It’s within this country where my heart finds renewed love time and time again and sharing it with the world is an indescribable feeling I will never take for granted.

From the beginning of our search almost three years later, the perfect, one-of-a-kind fairy tale wedding you stood by my side. I wish every bride the kind of support I had from you.” Sandra Skorup
“Italian Events & Weddings was the best choice for our wedding”
"Andrea became another member of our extended family"
"Andrea and her team will make your wildest dreams come true"
"I couldn't have ever envisioned a wedding of this splendor"

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