Bespoke weddings in Italy

June 25, 2012

Getting married in Italy, between dreams, expectations and economy…

Bespoke weddings in Italy

HMP Photo Studio/Michele Dell'Utri

Best professionals. Highest quality. Finest choices. Tailor-made design suiting perfectly your needs. One-of-a-kind solutions. This is what you get and the reason why you choose Italian Weddings & Events as your partner for your next event or upcoming wedding in Italy.

Because we go that extra mile to offer you only the BEST of what is available. Because we dedicate full attention to every little detail. Because we make every design to your requirements.

Of course this has a cost. It wouldn’t be professional to say that we can do this for free. Even if a low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality, it certainly means that we cannot offer the best of what is available. And a wedding coordinator spends hours at the desk researching for the right solutions, designing the various elements of the ceremony and the reception, being on the phone and out in the open to choose and quality-test the venues, caterers, florists… Not to mention the sleepless nights when a wedding is coming up and things just have to be ready and on track.


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When you choose to get a customized service, it means that one or more persons will have to dedicate hours of work to create from scratch whatever you wish, from stationery over floral designs and decors to guest favors. At Italian Weddings & Events we take pride in selecting personally the solutions that you will get to choose from, and if you are not satisfied with what we’ve brought up, we will redo the process and come up with new ideas suiting your wishes better.

The dedication that we put into each of our clients cannot be too much. Never. You deserve only the best. And we firmly believe that a wedding or event which is tailor-made to your dreams, expectations and economy is the only answer in a world where the attention is going towards standard wedding “packages”.

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Photo by Leonardo Fiorini per HMP Photo Studio/Michele Dell'Utri

Yes, you pay for our services. Yes, you have expenses to plan your bespoke wedding in Italy. You may even pay more than if you chose one of these “packages”. But our planners will take you by the hand and lead you towards the best possible solutions, the ones that we know will fit your dreams. We know how to help you, we’re ready to listen to and understand your ideas and we don’t give up until we’ve found exactly what you were looking for (and a little more).

This is what you get for our fee. A “standard wedding package” could never include this.

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