Commenda di San Calogero: Countryside Venue in Sicily

Countryside - Commenda San Calogero

Commenda di San Calogero is an authentic rustic venues which provides many experiences and delightful locations to explore. The key elements of this amazing location are breathtaking views and lush greenery which makes it a real fairy tales location.


Commenda di San Calogero: Countryside Venue in Sicily

Commenda San Calogero looks out towards Mount Etna, between Catania and Syracuse, not far from Sycracuse airport, and it is surrounded by verdant, lavish gardens, numerous shaded seating areas and peaceful corners that offer absolute privacy and leisure.

Location details
Type of ceremony: Symbolic
Max capacity: 160 people
Acomodation: available, 9 bedrooms
Distance from the city: 30 min away from Catania


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