A rustic beach wedding in Ibiza

July 16, 2012

A surprise rustic beach wedding in Ibiza

A rustic beach wedding in Ibiza

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When Carlo wrote to me about his upcoming wedding in Ibiza, less than two months were missing before the ceremony should take place. He wanted to surprise his wife-to-be by getting their baby twins baptized first and then celebrate their marriage. Useless to say that also to all the other guests it had to be kept a secret.

I hadn’t had a surprise wedding in Ibiza before, but as I believe that a wedding planner who respects him/herself should be able to arrange weddings allover the world, and as I love challenges, I accepted. Being a native Spanish speaker surely helped me planning this wedding in Ibiza which turned out to be a gorgeous opportunity of showing my skills as a wedding planner in Ibiza.

The groom had already planned for the airfares and overnight stays for himself, his fiancé and the guests. He wanted this fairy-tale wedding to take place on a beach at sunset on June 6. Could it be more romantic than that?

As we talked, it became clear to me that we would have to think outside the box as he definitely did not want a traditional wedding, there would be no big flower arrangements and everything would be rustic-marine and understated, in turquoise, white and sand colors. How stunning can an inspiration board for beach wedding in Ibiza get…I instantly loved every single bit of it.

So I started searching for the wedding venue in Ibiza. Here came the hard part of it: The venue that the groom had fallen in love with wasn’t available for smaller weddings, so I had to look for a similar solution that would allow me to create the perfect backdrop for their wedding vows.

The answer was a small restaurant in one of the most beautiful bays of the whole island, I think that I’ve seen a place this marvelous only in the Caribbeans! The chef was known for his fabulous dinners, I was in seventh heaven. Together with the groom it was decided that we would perform their ceremony under a gazebo. Having their wedding on the beach in Ibiza the decors would be simple, but effectful: An accent of white fabrics with pure white orchids and starfish were the elements chosen for this part of the wedding.

Also the party was to be right on the beach. A luscious lounge was created, and seashells, fishing nets, more starfish and white orchids, turquoise vases and rope were scattered all over the place to enforce the feeling of a seaside celebration.

And yes, it was a big surprise to the guests. And an even bigger surprise to the bride many tears of joy were shed and lots of emotion put into this very special and precious moment. Getting married in Ibiza and sharing this experience with the closest friends and family, Carlo made his dream come true. I’m happy to having helped out.

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