Say ‘I Do’ In an italian Art City

The Most Lavish And Iconic Destinations & Venues In Italy

Tying the knot in an ‘Art City’ is a mesmerising experience. A place renowned for its rich cultural heritage in art and architecture. With museums and galleries showcasing masterpieces from the Renaissance to the Baroque and beyond. It is the perfect place for discerning lovers of art and culture.

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Aman Venice

A luxurious 5-star hotel, renowned as one of Venice's most exclusive, graces the halls of a 16th-century Venetian Palazzo. The interior of this venue is truly breathtaking, epitomising the essence of Italy. Hosting your wedding here will transport you and your guests to another world. And let’s not forget the opportunity to revel in the mesmerising views of the iconic Grand Canal from where this hotel sits.

Indulge in an artistic adventure and explore this beautiful city with us for your upcoming wedding in Italy.

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