A Romantic Italian Destination Wedding in Lake Como

April 11, 2014

Literally in Love, a book-themed inspired wedding in Lake Como

What do you get when you mix an Italian bride and a German groom with the love for some of the most amazing books ever written, a touch of “Friendship Forever”, the symbol of the Infinite and one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy? You get an absolutely fabulous book-themed inspired wedding in Lake Como. When we first heard from F and T, chemistry just clicked. Their idea of an elegant, laid-back style celebration really appealed to us, and even if we started with just the color palette soon it became obvious that the theme for the wedding day would have been books, quotes and poetry as the focal point. The couple actually was in love with literature and the great classic authors way before their love for each other even had a chance to blossom.

From the start we wanted to make this incredible Italian wedding in Lake Como into something as unique as the fabulous couple we had in front of us. (Well, I describe them as “a couple”, but this means neglecting completely M., their baby boy, who was an important part of the whole day, you could tell that eg. from the fact that all stationery featured the triple initials “F+M+T”.) F and T (and M!) settled for a civil ceremony at the outdoor temple of Villa Olmo with the following reception in Villa Parravicini. Two marvelous venues for what soon was to be discovered as one of our most adorable weddings in Lake Como.

The wedding took place on a hot summer day and it was therefore of utmost importance to have personal umbrellas and fans ready for everyone.

A couple of real stunners collected many compliments, eg. the beyond fabulous bouquet-purse the bride carried which took the breath away from nearly all the ladies. Such a unique way of showing your elegance and style.

Also the wedding bands made their entrance in an spectacular way: Hidden in an antique copy of the famous Manzoni book “The Betrothed”, tied together with a yellow and a green ribbon, they featured the symbol of the Infinite.

This casual-chic wedding had its focus on the great italian food and beverages. The innovative food design and the incredible taste of the various preparations, made only from fresh, high quality produce, amazed the guests.

Being the groom German, a corner of the lush buffet had been dedicated to German specialties and Pretzels. (He was, by the way, also a huge lover of Italian ice cream, so the bride had arranged for a vintage ice cream cart after lunch.) There were many book-themed wedding ideas to this Lake Como wedding: When entering the villa, guests were greeted by an escort card display with vintage books as the main feature. Each escort card was a bookmark featuring the name of the guest together with a personal phrase taken from one of the couple’s favorite authors.

The table “numbers” (which were names of popular fonts) were set with Scrabble letters. As for the beautiful centerpieces with paste roses, hydrangeas, eucalyptus, rosemary, camomile, daisies, peonies and billy balls, they had been handmade from old book pages.

Furthermore the couple had settled that the wedding favors had to be a couple of the most amazing books on friendship, written by one of their favorite authors, Luis Sepulveda. One of these books takes place in Monaco, city in which the couple started their life together and where M., was born. Obviously this book had to be part of their wedding.

To entertain the guests we had proposed the “Writer’s Corner” where an old type-writer had been places for the guests to write their personal messages to the couple. A modern Polaroid-style camera had been placed there as well to allow guests to attach an image to their script.

Music was available throughout the entire day and in the evening dancing took place on the lush lawns. And there was also a photobooth which truly attracted the attention of both the bridal couple and their guests. Everyone had a great time while exploring the amazing props and fun text options.

Finally, the delicious naked wedding cake which was cut in the evening, made sure that their wedding would be remembered for all the unique touches with which bride and groom had wanted to treat their guests. Such a great way to end this truly special day.

PS. It is with pleasure and pride that WED-Couture, wedding planner in Lake Como, can announce that this gorgeous wedding has already been published on Wedding Chicks. Such an honour to be there to share our work with their readers, we are most thankful and blessed for this golden opportunity!

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Photo reportage by Emma Innocenti – Innocenti Studio 

Wedding Stationary by Cut&Paste 



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