Getting married in Italy: the budget

July 19, 2012

Why we ask for your wedding budget

Castiglion del Bosco - Tuscany

Castiglion del Bosco - Tuscany

My dear friends, we have to take up an issue with which I struggle from time to time. The budget. Or maybe should I say “mentioning the budget”…Many of you lovely people don’t have any kind of fear as regarding to mentioning your budget, but others tend to hide the amount for me, or even to tell me a lower budget while they are really looking out to spend more money. Why is that?¬†When I as your Italian wedding planner ask for your budget, that means that I’m interested in knowing what your possibilities are, to be able to offer the best possible solutions for you. It means that I want to make sure that you get the finest Italian wedding professionals that are available, it means that I want to take care of you in an optimal way, and that I want to be able to work within your budget. But to allow you to get the best value for your buck, I need to know how much you are willing to spend. Not down to the dime, but at least if we are talking about 5.000, 20.000 or 50.000 euro.

The cost of getting married in Italy is not as low as some brides tend to believe. By choosing to host your wedding abroad you normally cut back on some costs, especially with regards to the guests. Not all of the people you invite will be able to join you during your special day – and maybe you would not want them to, either. When hosting a wedding in Italy, you normally get more selective, also because many brides and grooms see this type of ceremony as more intimate and heartfelt and therefore want to bring along only the closest family and best friends.

By choosing a wedding in another country, other costs add to your budget. For instance it may not be without costs to have your reception in a beautiful villa on the Amalfi Coast or to say “I do” in the wonderful cathedral in Venice. Transport adds to the bill as well. If you tell us how much you are able to spend for your wedding, we will be able to advice you on how to spend that money so that you can get that villa or that cathedral without breaking your budget. It could mean that we will have to cut somewhere else, but we will do our best to avoid anyone noticing, making everything outstanding and beautiful. Italian Weddings & Events does not offer packages for couples looking for a “low cost” wedding in Italy, but can work with almost any kind of budget, creating something special for you under almost all circumstances. If I don’t know how your budget is, how can I be able to give you advice accordingly?

Remember, the reason why you choose to having an Italian wedding planner is to have someone on spot who is capable of bringing out the best in your wedding. Get the best value for money. Help you create marvelous memories. Allowing us to know your budget is allowing us to work for you in an optimal way. Otherwise, we will still be working for you, but without that specific detail that could help us finding the perfect solution for you.

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